How-To: Half Moon

For some Yogi’s half moon is a breath of fresh air, stretching their bodies into the space around them and enjoying the room that comes from opening up in this way.

For others, this posture is frustrating and difficult. Its hard to hold the balance while reaching in every direction.

We’ll explore a few postures that bring awareness into the different areas of the body that require our presence for this pose to feel open and inviting. Remember, like with all yoga asana there are a lot of options so make sure you keep moving while we discover the different aspects of Half Moon.

Lets Begin,

Side Plank-


Come to your mat in a table top position. Feel your hands pressed into the mat and pay attention to the inner elbows. Rotate the arms so your inner elbows are facing each other and your upper back and shoulder is engaged. Slowly tuck your toes under and lift your knees from the mat. Straighten your legs and bring your body into Plank. Feel your lower belly pull in and check in with your low back and hips. Feel your body in a long & straight line, then bring your wait to your Right hand and outer edge of the right foot. Stack your legs, feeling the inner things squeeze towards each other. Lift your top arm and stretch across your chest. Hold for 5 breaths (or longer).


Warrior Two

FullSizeRender (4)

Stepping your Right foot forward and between your hands, bring your left foot flat. Aligning your legs so your feet would run Right heel to Left arch if a line were drawn between the two. Lift your Body up standing tall with your Arms parallel to the floor and right arm forward. Pay attention to how you feel across the front of your hips and thighs. Looking at your front knee be mindful of sinking into the legs. Right knee aligned over your ankle, press firmly into the outer edge of your left foot. Reach across your arms as actively as you did in side plank inviting the space through your ribs and chest. Take 5 (or more) breaths here.

Triangle Pose

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From Warrior Two, straighten your right leg. Keep your arms reaching and your legs engaged. Send your Left hip back and reach your right arm forward. Feel space into your bottom ribs as you reach forward, then bring your right hand to your shin, ankle, block, or mat to the outside of your right leg. Reach your left arm high and gaze upwards or down to your right hand. Take 5 breaths. Slowly bend your right knee and step forward to a forward fold at the front of your mat.


Warrior 3

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Standing tall, bring your hands to your hips and shift your weight to your right leg. Sending your Left leg back, bending from the hips and reaching the crown of the head forward. With your hands still on your hips feel if the hip bones are squared to the mat. Turn your left toes down towards the mat. Bring your hands to your heart or reach them forward. Take 5 Breaths.


Half Moon

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From Warrior 3, bring your hands towards the mat. Grab a block (or water bottle) if the mat is out of reach for you. Bring your right hand, forward in front of the right foot. With your left leg still high, bring your left hand to the hip and turn your left toes towards the left side of the room. Once you feel balanced and comfortable in your legs, extend your left hand high. Gaze down towards your right hand. Hold for 5 (or more) breaths. Step down to forward fold.


Work through All postures on your left side. Its not uncommon to notice a significant difference side to side so stay patient and focused on the similarities between postures and how they can be explored in your body.

Happy Practicing!




A Summer to Serve your Highest Purpose

I just returned from a week on the Pacific Coast of Mexico – the beach was long, the sunsets were vibrant, and the siestas were daily. It was such a gift to be able to go on holidays with my husband and be on Mexico time for a few days!

Before leaving, Steph and I had a Seva Yoga Dreamscaping session where we played out a couple of our plans for the coming months and Summer ahead. It was the perfect foundation to leave on holidays with, that day dreaming state of mind – and a few rough goals that needed some outlining.

What got me thinking the most is how we can create a space in our daily lives where we can reboot like we do on holidays, where we give ourselves total permission to simply unplug, stop and breathe.

How much time to you dedicate to caring for yourself on a daily or weekly basis?

Before holidays I found myself looking at our full schedules wondering if there would be time for a quiet tea in the morning, never mind a full 60 – 90 minutes to practice.

A goal of my own for the coming months is to not only reignite my Morning Sadhana time, but to be in the studio too! 2 hours out of the week is only .011 percent of your time! I know that when I prioritize this time to reconnect with center, and keep the mind clear I’m able to show up in a better way for all of my responsibilities. I feel better physically which allows me the energy to incorporate Summer pursuits like running or hiking. I’m less reactive and can be a source of positivity in my home and family.

This is just part of the gift a regular and ongoing yoga practice can provide, and we’re committed to making this accessible for our Seva Family – and for anyone looking to commit to their own Practice and Self Care! What are your goals or wishes for this summer? What small changes can you make to create the space you need to show up for your goals?

Stay tuned to the Seva Yoga Co. Page on Facebook and Instagram for details on all the Summer Fun, we want to help deepen your commitment to Self and Yoga!


In gratitude,