A Summer to Serve your Highest Purpose

I just returned from a week on the Pacific Coast of Mexico – the beach was long, the sunsets were vibrant, and the siestas were daily. It was such a gift to be able to go on holidays with my husband and be on Mexico time for a few days!

Before leaving, Steph and I had a Seva Yoga Dreamscaping session where we played out a couple of our plans for the coming months and Summer ahead. It was the perfect foundation to leave on holidays with, that day dreaming state of mind – and a few rough goals that needed some outlining.

What got me thinking the most is how we can create a space in our daily lives where we can reboot like we do on holidays, where we give ourselves total permission to simply unplug, stop and breathe.

How much time to you dedicate to caring for yourself on a daily or weekly basis?

Before holidays I found myself looking at our full schedules wondering if there would be time for a quiet tea in the morning, never mind a full 60 – 90 minutes to practice.

A goal of my own for the coming months is to not only reignite my Morning Sadhana time, but to be in the studio too! 2 hours out of the week is only .011 percent of your time! I know that when I prioritize this time to reconnect with center, and keep the mind clear I’m able to show up in a better way for all of my responsibilities. I feel better physically which allows me the energy to incorporate Summer pursuits like running or hiking. I’m less reactive and can be a source of positivity in my home and family.

This is just part of the gift a regular and ongoing yoga practice can provide, and we’re committed to making this accessible for our Seva Family – and for anyone looking to commit to their own Practice and Self Care! What are your goals or wishes for this summer? What small changes can you make to create the space you need to show up for your goals?

Stay tuned to the Seva Yoga Co. Page on Facebook and Instagram for details on all the Summer Fun, we want to help deepen your commitment to Self and Yoga!


In gratitude,



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