3 Benefits of Consistent Practice

IMG_3957We know everyone has heard the very popular answer that Yoga is the union of Body, Mind, and Spirit, but for many of us, it doesn’t really feel like that – especially not in the beginning, or if we’ve been falling out of the routine of things.

So what does happen when we manage to make it to the mat regularly?

What can we count on experiencing, even if we don’t have a whole lot of time?

What can Yoga do for you?

Here are 3 of the big categories that Yoga can impact your life.

  1. Physical and Perceptual benefits: Practitioners who make it to the mat a minimum of 1 time per week, for 6 weeks or more, will start to feel differences in strength & flexibility. Often experiencing lower blood pressure, stress response, and health perception. We FEEL better when we practice!  (source: https://www.health.harvard.edu/exercise-and-fitness/physical-benefits-of-yoga)

2. Mental Health: 80% of Canadians experience some form of mental illness. Feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress are at an all time high and when studying the effect of yoga, researchers discovered that through even short, daily practices participants stated that yoga helped to alleviate some of these feelings and symptoms. (Source: http://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2017/08/yoga-depression.pdf)

3. Improved Sleep: If you ask most adults how much sleep they’re getting they either don’t know or the number is drastically lower than the recommended 8 hours per night. While many will say they don’t need quite that much the fact remains most of the population is running on low quantity (and sometimes quality) sleep schedules. Because of Yoga’s ability to help soothe the nervous system, lower heart rates, and improve breathing capacity yogi’s of today are enjoying a little more sleep! If you’re a regular sufferer of insomnia it pays big time to start a yoga practice! (Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/sleep-newzzz/201210/yoga-can-help-insomnia)


While Yoga is not a miracle cure to all that can ail us in life, it does provide tools for elevating our experiences. Whether you want to reduce stress, or simply add a stretch to your week, there are tons of different styles to explore.

Even one class per week can help create shifts in your life – Why not get started now?

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