Infinite Worth: Intro to Kundalini Yoga

Sara & Trisha pictured preparing for  Sat Kriya

Have you been wondering what all this Kundalini Yoga talk is all about? You aren’t alone!

While I had heard of and practiced Kundalini Yoga sparingly in the past, it wasn’t until 2 years ago when I completed my first 40 day Sadhana (spiritual practice – traditionally done in the very early morning hours) that I realized and witnessed how potent this practice could be. Within the first week I noticed I wasn’t reactive. I wasn’t getting overwhelmed with my small kids, we weren’t late for everything, my home was organized but most of all my MIND was at ease. I wasn’t stuck in a pity party over my circumstances anymore, and I was able to create big plans for how I wanted to move forward from a year of big changes. It was truly an incredible turning point in my life, practices, and teaching!

Have you ever experienced times in your life when you just FEEL stuck?

Low energy, lack of productivity or ambition?

Or maybe you’ve felt exhausted, stressed out, depressed, or struggled with addiction?

Addictions come in many forms, and if we’re honest with ourselves we can usually spot the tendencies to “checking out” with – substances, technology, shopping, food… the list goes on and on.

What does this have to do with Kundalini Yoga? This Style of practice is POWERFUL at creating shifts in our minds and tendencies, and being able to recognize that we are in the drivers seat of our lives. We get to watch, observe, and ACT with awareness instead of defaulting to our habits. Sounds nice right?

Kundalini Yoga is often referred to as Householder Yoga. Its designed to be EFFICIENT so that everyone living in these ultra busy times can benefit – in a short period of time.

Many Kriyas (a series of postures, breath, and sound that work towards a specific outcome) start with just 3 minutes! Making it easy to add to your current practices or to your morning routine.

Below is a kriya that takes about 9 minutes to complete – if you’re interested in exploring or getting started this set is for you. Try getting up 15 minutes earlier than you usually would, or when you know you won’t be interrupted. If you aren’t a morning person just set aside a small part of the day that you can commit to regularly. Give it a try for a week or more and see what happens!

Breath of Fire – 1-3 minutes

Breath of Fire is one of the commonly used pranayams in Kundalini Yoga. It accesses and stimulates the navel centre (take the first three fingers on your hand and place them just below the belly button, this is the navel centre!) which allows all of our energetic systems to WAKE UP and activate.

Here’s a link of Guru Jagat showing the technique for BoF:


2) Ego Eradicator

Sara & Trisha in Ego Eradicator

Ego Eradicator is also popular in the tradition and happens to be one of my all time favourites! This pranayama, practiced with the mudra of our fingers curled into the pads of the hands and the thumbs turned upwards to the sky increases our lung capacity and magnetic field around us. When practiced regularly you start to enter a space of neutrality in the mind. Our doubts and fears often take a front seat in decisions, ego eradicator helps you to be clear and confident.

Arrange the hands in the mudra and then reach your arms up and out to 60 degrees. This will increase the lungs ability to expand.

Begin Breath of Fire, eyes closed and focused at your brow point.

Practice for 1-3 minutes. At the end of the 3 minutes, inhale, bring your thumbs together to touch overhead and reach your fingers upwards. Hold the breath. Exhale, sweeping your arms down and place the hands on the knees.

Sat Kriya – The everything Kriya  3- 11 minutes

This Kriya is said to be the everthing Kriya because it truly is a tune up for the entire energetic body (and its a good amount of work physically too!). This Kriya incorporates mudra, mantra, and a strong focus to get everthing in line.

Watch the video and practice along to keep rhythm until you feel more comfortable to practice on your own. In the beginning 3 minutes may feel like a very long time – start with 1 minute if needed and work your way up!


So, there it is! A mini set that will get you energized and clear in 16 minutes or less~ Give it a try and see how it goes! If you’re looking to join our growing community of Kundalini Yogi’s at Seva We have 5 classes during the week to get you started <3

Sat Nam



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