Winter Wellness


Winter. This incredible incubation period that the Earth gives us to cozy in, settle down, and lay serious groundwork for growth.

In the North we know all too well this time of year can be a tricky one.

The darkness seems to blanket over us in a layer of fatigue and cold, and it may be difficult to get outdoors and stock up on fresh air and energy from our favourite pursuits. Never mind all of the elemental barriers we may encounter, most of us feel a noticeable change in our own energy levels too. Making it very difficult to keep up with everything that helps us stay warm, energized, and focused.

So how do we balance the change in Seasons – and the Change of Energy for ourselves?

Get serious about Self Love in a way that encompasses ALL of your wellness needs.

Here’s our Fail Proof Process on narrowing down your Self Care needs – Creating a plan to make sure it happens – and Following up with yourself regularly so you stay on track this winter.

  1. Don’t Get Carried Away – Top 3 Daily Practices that Connect YOU to YOU


We know that when we get serious about Self Care we can get a little crazy. Making long complicated lists of what we will do EVERY DAY to stay balanced. The problem with that is our lives are full – and when our self care feels overwhelming its usually the first to get cut from the list because we feel its a “luxury” in our day.

Take a moment right now, close your eyes and picture a day where you really take care of yourself. What does it look like? What happens? What do you have time for?

Now, write down the 3 most important parts of that day. The ones that make a big difference for you. These are “non negotiable”. Whether they can happen at the same time every day or not does not matter, but we do our best to make sure we don’t miss a day!

2. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail – Pencil it in!


Okay, Now we have our List. Our Non negotiable “I will take care of ME” list.

This is where we have a sit down with ourselves and your daytime/calendar app/scheduler and get really truthful.

Start with all your responsibilities & obligations. Fill in your work schedule, kids commitments, your weekly check in with your bestie etc – You may already do this so it might be done for you. If it isn’t, put pen to paper and flesh out your typical weekly/monthly schedule.

Next, Take your Top 3 Self Love practices and decide what times/days these practices fit best in your life – THIS IS KEY – We may want to go to yoga every night but if you know 3 nights a week you’re on the go for “Fill in the blank” then this isn’t a sustainable plan for you. The best time to practice/care for yourself is the time that fits your lifestyle.

Personally, Early Mornings are 100% Key to my own practices. Once the day starts its easy for things to pile up to distract or require my attention or presence. Before my kids wake up the hours are all mine to do the work that keeps me feeling clear, organized, and refreshed!

3. Check In & Regroup

Love your self

We’ve all been there, totally in the groove feeling amazing, wondering why we ever STOP taking care of ourselves in this way… and then the inevitable happens. We get sidetracked one day and forget to journal, or after a couple long nights we decide to hit snooze one too many times for our morning meditations.. it happens!

We get to decide if these temporary slips in our focus take us completely off course or if its a chance to dig deep and and refocus.

To combat this have a weekly check in date with yourself. Pour yourself a cup of Coffee (Or Tea of course!) and take a look at what you’ve managed to accomplish. Being mindful not to bring judgement or criticism to the exercise take a moment to celebrate your victories and be mindful of the slip ups. Then take that information into the following week – Knowledge is power so know where you are and where you want to go!