Awake + Wild

6 Month Personal + Group Mentorship

What exactly does Awake + Wild stand for?

Awake + Wild is an in depth exploration of how we as Women can wake up to our true, natural, and wild Self.

What does it mean to YOU to be fully awake in your life?

What are barriers to establishing presence within?

Have you lost touch with parts of yourself that you know echo who you truly are?

A Wild state is a return back to our natural element.

Women are Cyclic in nature. We flow. We change.

Awake + Wild provides a foundation to explore this natural rhythm and return to our wild self through inquiry, practice, reflection & action.

Through inspiring Divine Feminine literature, Yogic Practices & theory, and Community that like minded women create together, we will journey through these layers of ourselves with compassion, joy & grace.

What the Program offers

This 6 Month program is designed to amplify, uplift, and support women in an individual – and group setting.

Individually we will build a personal practice tailored to your needs – with a wide variety we learn how to practice like a scientist and mix things up so that we are clear with the energy we want to create in our life. There is no one size fits all approach to Yoga + Mindfulness.

A Personal practice should be personal – to you!

This program is being offered as a 6 month program to ensure the time to adjust, grow & shift.

While the day to day journey will primarily be practiced solo – this program will run in the container of like minded women all exploring practices designed to empower us to KNOW our infinite worth within.

Through doing this work together, we can support and inspire one another. 

Each month we will Meet (online/In Person when able- all sessions will be available to stream live or replay if out of town) to practice, engage, and connect.

This is a Soul Immersion – we will explore daily practices, group meditations, teachings that encourage a commitment to look inside – dig deep – and energize our life in all ways.

Once a month we meet online or in studio to practice + design your personal sadhana. A daily practice that will fit into your life on your terms. Each month we will reconnect to adjust/change/discuss.

A video recording of your daily practice will be provided to follow along and play on demand.

Weekly check ins via email, ongoing support as needed

Meditation – Each month our group will meet to practice our new meditation together as well as discuss course materials to explore the month ahead. There will be an ongoing theme to work with in our day to day lives – this meditation will work to amplify our awareness and intuition. An audio recording will be provided to follow along.

Monthly Group Practice + Discourse (4-6 hours total)

Each month we will gather together to share our experiences, discover new pathways for reigniting our connections to our wildish nature and support each other on our individual journeys.

These sessions will always include discourse + Experiential practice.

Signature Awake + Wild Notebook as well as course reading materials

6 month membership to Seva Yoga Co for online + in studio classes.

Course Curriculum

Awake + Wild is divided into 6 Main areas of study:

Ecstatic Earth – Tangible, Physical, Body centred Practices to bring Joy & love to our relationship with our Bodies that move us through life and its experiences.

Cyclic Creation – Embracing the cyclic nature of the stages of our life, emotions, thought & creativity. Exploring what stalls progress, how we keep going when we’re stuck, and what we can do to continue returning to ourself.

Hero Hearts – The Superpower – To FEEL.

The duties of our Hearts are felt in every moment of our lives. Every Joy, every heartache. Every experience in between. Taking a deep dive into healing, nurturing, and expanding our Power.

Intuitive Expression – Do you trust your inner voice? Can you hear it? Do you express your truth? What do you do to foster this connection? Clear out the debris of doubt, strengthen your bandwidth for reception, be courageous in your expression.

Collective Grace – We learn a lot through moments that test us.

How do we embrace instead of avoid? Learning to be with your established presence is a superpower – learn to lean in.

Starting Again – Create your lasting template to staying Awake within yourself.

Anchor your practices in a way that not only suit your life – but adapts to its constant changes.

This Program is suitable for any Woman looking for support, community, and the opportunity to take time for herself in a unique and powerful way. Yoga Experience is not necessary – these practices will meet you where you are <3


$999 Early Bird until December 31st ~ Save $111 by saving your spot!

$333 Deposit to register

Next Session begins February 2021

Payment Plans Available – Email to set up

Register today to reserve your spot!

Our Monthly Workshops will be in studio/streamed online – 2 hour practices + Dialogue. Each day the intention is to immerse within our group container before taking the teachings into your month ahead in personal study + integration.

Next Intake and Session Begins February 2021 ~ email for details or to apply <3

Hari Om Tat Sat


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