Seva Yoga Co. 200+Hr Teacher Training

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Join us at Seva for a unique Teacher Training Experience.

Both Sara and Stephanie completed their Teacher Trainings in an Immersion style setting and feel it is a powerful way to explore the history and teachings of Yoga. We understand that this type of training isn’t accessible to everyone so we have combine our two programs and created a Weekend Hybrid Immersion.

Fall 2019 Teacher Training Dates and Schedule

September 21-22

October 19-20

November 23-24,

December 14-15,

January 18-19, 

February 1-2


We believe having a consistent practice is essential as a Yoga teacher, and student. During YTT students will be required as part of training to come to 3 classes a week with Sara or Stephanie. This is another opportunity to stay connected in between training weekends.

One of our Core Values at Seva is Sustainable Practice. The reason for that is we believe and know that when you are consistent in your Yoga practice it has the power to connect you deeply to your SELF.

Having been active Teachers in the community for 10 and 7 years respectively, we’ve had the chance to learn and grow along with the Grande Prairie Yoga Community. We hope to share a traditional, yet accessible Training on Yoga’s history, How to apply the practice to our daily lives, and importantly how to share the practices safely and effectively.

We also know that sometimes 200 Hours just isn’t enough to soak it all in so Graduates of the Training will receive an additional mentorship after training is complete. 


Course Curriculum 

Techniques/Training and Practice – Asana, Pranayama, Meditation. 

Teaching Methodology – Demonstration, communication, sequencing, group dynamic, and style of practice.

Anatomy/Physiology – Anatomy, benefits and contradictions.

Philosophy, lifestyle, ethics – Sutras, 8 Limbs of Yoga, Lifestyle of a house holder yogi. Ethics of teaching.

Self Study/Seva Project – Students will be give a project to study and share with the group. 

Specialty Yoga – Overview of Prenatal, learning how to modify the postures to accommodate for pregnancy.  

Practicum – Student will teach a 1 hour class that includes all aspects of Yoga.

Continuing Mentorship with Stephanie & Sara 

Membership included once your deposit is paid for YTT, this get you unlimited access to yoga classes. 


3299.00 +gst

Option to Pay in Full or Instalments

Payment plan after $500 is paid 

A customized plan can be arranged if one of these option aren’t right for your budget. ****

$500 non refundable Deposit. Ready to commit? Follow this link to reserve your spot!

Email Seva Yoga Co with any questions or to apply!


3299.00 +gst

Option to Pay in Full or Instalments

$500 non refundable Deposit – Ready to commit? Register in studio or set a meeting with Sara & Steph.

Payment Plans Available!

Email Seva Yoga Co with any questions or to apply!

What do past Yoga Teacher Trainees have to say? You can find more reviews at yoga or we can put you in touch with a past student if you have questions from their direct experience. 

“My main goal of signing up for YTT at Seva Yoga Co was to deepen my own personal practice. The small class size made me feel comfortable and safe to share and voice my thoughts and ideas. I learned not only about the physical practice of yoga but also about the history, energy system and so much more. Stephanie and Sara made me feel confident in my teaching abilities and showed me how to teach safe and dynamic classes . Their continued guidance and support after training allows me to continue to grow as a yoga teacher.” Morganne Gammel

“Yoga teacher training at Seva is truly life changing. The encouragement of Steph and Sara, the bond between classmates, all the information you learn, and most definitely the personal growth is life altering. Having the ability for myself to have made it through, and being able to share my love of yoga is something I am so excited and proud to do. Forever I will be grateful for training!” Jennifer Edwards

“I started practicing yoga nearly 10 years ago, and despite the fact that I did not maintain a regular practice during that whole time, the feeling of peace and connectedness that i felt while practicing yoga always stuck with me. i began considering taking my YTT about 3 years ago as i saw the value in not only deepening my own practice, but also sharing the practice and what it has to offer with others. As with most people living busy and full lives, i told myself that i was too busy to set aside the time and finances to take my YTT, yet every year would look up upcoming opportunities. This past winter i came across Seva YTT training and knew that it was time for me to put the time in for myself. Stephanie and Sara are so knowledgeable on all aspects of yoga and offer a diverse and well rounded training program. Their expertise along with the warm and welcoming studio make Seva a great choice for YTT for anyone considering taking it either for their own practice, or with plans to teach in the future.” Jennifer Tink

*** Payment Plans are Non refundable after Course Start date.